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SIP Trunks offer amazing flexibility and benefits, replace your current lines today

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This is the new wave of business communication technology. A SIP Trunk allows inbound and outbound calls using an Internet connection, rather than using an ISDN line. This is an efficient and affordable method offered by 3D Telecom, embraced by businesses in almost every industry. Calls to and from the PSTN are supported. SIP Trunks are quickly gaining popularity as the standard technology businesses utilize to make and receive telephone calls, this eliminates the need for an expensive ISDN circuit. Pay less and never compromise on quality.

  • Reduce or eliminate ISDN line rental charges
  • Compatible with any SIP enabled IP-PBX
  • Free calls between offices
  • Competitive call tariffs for external calls
  • Optional number porting of existing numbers





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Highlights & benefits of SIP trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a system utilised to make telephone calls over IP networks. This technology has been embraced by modern devices and has become a standard in the industry.

Our SIP trunks are designed to integrate with most PBX devices, making them perfect for the business environment.

PBX Integrations No additional charges, only pay monthly licence fee.
Save 70% or more 70% or more less than ISDN line
Minimal call charges Up to 30% cheaper
Network convergence Voice and data across single IP Network
Increase Call Capacity No changes to existing telecommunications setup
Free inter-office calls Eliminate costs between offices.

Save money - eliminate or reduce ISDN line rental charges

On average customers enjoy annual savings of over £4,770 per line. It is time to truly consider changing to a SIP Trunk line and stack up the savings as well as benefit from all the great features. There is roughly a 70% or more difference. Call today so we can evaluate your specific needs.

Minimal Call Charges

Our aim is to deliver 30% cheaper calls to local and national UK numbers compared to other services. The greatest part of using the SIP Trunk is that it will totally eliminate call charges in between offices, once each office is connected to the system. This is the ultimate business setup merging technology and communications.

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