Switch to 3D Telecom

Q: If I decide to sign up and switch to 3D Telecom, what will happen?

Q: Will my service be interrupted or changed during the transfer of service?

Q: When is my first bill scheduled?


Q: If there’s a fault on my line, who do I contact? You or my previous provider?

Q: If there is a fault, who repairs it?


Q: How often do I receive invoices?

Q: How do I pay my bill?

Q: How do you bill phone calls?

Moving Premises

Q: I’m moving to a different premise. What should I do?

Line Transfer

Q: If I’m contracted to another provider, what should I do?

Q: How can you guarantee the cheapest tariffs?

Relax and Enjoy

We aim to keep your business operating under the best plan. We initiate an annual review of your account to calculate your usage vs. your actual plan. After a detailed review, we suggest any necessary adjustments to ensure you have the best system in place for your business.

Take a Leap to 3D Telecom

Already have a business landline and broadband, but still not satisfied? Migrating is simple and easy, we make sure you never miss a beat. Your business cannot be disconnected for a moment, we understand that and make sure your switch to 3D Telecom is quick and direct.